Release of a tree squirrel

I go into the big aviary with a mini-vac. I turn it on for a second and everyone runs into their appropriate nest box. I then place a wire mesh on the front of the nest box and wrap it around the nest box with wire making sure they can't get out. I detach the nest box from the aviary, put a little towel over it and into the car we go. I make sure they have enough air and stay cool and try to keep things super quiet and smooth.

innestboxsm1.jpg (92614 bytes)  innestboxsm2.jpg (81863 bytes)

I return the squirrels exactly where I found them or at least as close as I can get. I've scouted my site ahead of time and know exactly where I will be putting the nest box. I've made sure that there is natural food and water nearby and not too many predators or dangerous streets. I bring my ladder and make sure it's at least 8-10 feet up a tree, the higher the better. I have predrilled an attachment hole in the nest box ahead of time. I run wire through that and attach it to the tree bracing it with a few branches to make sure it won't fall. I try to hide the box as best I can so people won't see it and will leave it alone. I released these squirrels in the morning in a thick cedar tree. It looks dark because it's so thick in there. Release them in the morning so they have a full day to get used to their new home before bedtime.

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After the box is firmly attached I take off the wire mesh. I then put a few days worth of rodent blocks, nuts and grapes into the box. If you put it in ahead of time, they fight in there for it or come out of the box to get it from you. I go back in a few weeks to remove the box if asked to remove it. If not, I leave it there for others to use. They generally prefer to make their own nest within two weeks.

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