Photos of injured squirrels

PD (paralyzed dude)

PD came in paralyzed from the waist down and could not urinate. After steroid therapy he could move his feet in a week, his legs in two weeks, could walk clumsily in three weeks, could climb using rear feet in two months, could climb down kinda wobbly in three months and was ready for release in four months. He was called PD pronounced Petey when he came in here, now he's called PT Cruiser because he can walk again.

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Baby poisoned by rat poison

This little guy lived next to a market. He was orphaned and got hungry so he thought he'd go to the market for some food. He went in through the front door and got stuck in there a week and a half. He ended up eating rat poison. He was so skinny, dehydrated and had incredibly stinky infected oozing sores all over his body. He was given vitamin K, antibiotics and his wounds were drained and flushed. After a couple of days the sores came off along with big chunks of skin. He should be okay but will probably have a nice bald spot on his back.

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Old lady hit by a car

This old sick female squirrel was hit by a car. She had a major head injury, bloody nose and mouth, infected eyes and was extremely emaciated and dehydrated. This was taken five days after admittance so you can imagine how bad she looked originally. She was probably found at least a week after her injury. I have to remember to take some photos when I first take them in but I'm so worried about providing proper care and then letting them rest that I forget until they're stabilized. 

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Infected penis

This guy was brought in with three sisters. The woman thought he had an infected umbilical cord. Actually his penis was infected because his sisters were suckling him because their mom was dead and his penis looked like a nipple. He could not urinate so I had to soak the scab off of him in the sink. He was fine in a couple of days but did not enjoy soaking in the sink for 45 minutes. 

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