How To Locate a Wildlife Rehabilitator

International Wildlife Rehabilitator Contacts
(outside the USA):


Argentina, Buenos Aires..... +54 11 47991683

Andrea Ferrari, Asociacion Ribera Norte (Subcomision de Fauna)
Wildlife Species: birds, owls

Argentina, Corrientes (3400), Pcia. de Corrientes..... 54-783-20981

Susana M. Arzuaga, Direccion de Fauna de la Pcia. de Corrientes Zoo Department
Wildlife Species: howler monkeys (Alouatta caraya), other mammals like otters and coaties

Argentina, Corrientes, Corrientes Cap...... 54-783-30085

Gustavo Alejandro Solís, Corrientes Zoo (Veterinarian)
Specialty: Wildlife management, Howler monkey, SA felines, River otter,
Tamandua, animal assistance


Australia, New South Wales (Aberdeen)..... 02 6543 8382

Kaye Holdsworth, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: Raptors, koalas, all types of bats, and all other native
Australian fauna
Comments: We have our own facilities, are members of the Australian
Raptor Association and the Australian Koala Foundation and the Northern
Tablelands Wildlife Carers

Australia, New South Wales, Central coast region (Gosford area)..... 0243 684319

Kathryn Keen, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Comments: very experienced wildlife carer - bird and possum care supervisor
Author of "The Australian Bird Care Manual"

Australia, New South Wales, Eastern region (Sydney)..... 02 9613 8884

Heather Parsons, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: will receive all animals
Specialties/Knowledge: birds; training on bird rehabilitation
Comments: author of "Caring For Australian Native Birds" (text on rehabilitation of birds)

Australia, New South Wales (Lismore)..... 02 66 882001

Katrina Ulyatt and Susanne Ulyatt, volunteer wildlife carers,
Wildlife Species: extensive experience with possums, gliders, wallabys, and pademelons

Australia, New South Wales (Queanbeyan)..... 0262991966

Wildcare Queanbeyan Australia
Wildlife Species: all native Australian animals and birds including kangaroos,
wallabies, wombats, possums, birds, and reptiles
Comments: We are a group of volunteers, licenced by NSW Parks & Wildlife
Service. Each member receives extensive training in rescue and rehabilitation of
Australian native birds and animals.

Australia, New South Wales, Southeast region, Mid South Coast (Bermagui/Ulladulla)..... 0427 020 327

Marian Andrews, Wildlfe Information and Rescue Services - WIRES
Wildlife Species: any native birds and animals

Australia, New South Wales, Southeast region, Shoalhaven (From Gerringong to Durras).....
0418 427 214

Native Animal Network Association (NANA)
Wildlife Species: all Australian wildlife

Australia, New South Wales, Southwest region (Hunter Valley/Muswellbrook)..... 65433314

Penny Hughes (president), Wildlife Aid Rehabilitation Providers (WARP)
Wildlife Species: all Australian wildlife
Comments: we have over 80 carers throughout the Hunter Valley NSW, use a soft
release program, and work very closely with National Parks and Wildlife of NSW Australia

Australia, Northwest region, WA, Kimberly (Broome)..... (08) 9193 7489 or mobile 042 886 0014

Jan Martin (director), Kimberley Wildlife Carers and Associates
Wildlife Species: macropods, all marsupials including bilbies and bandicoots, reptiles,
birds, tree rats, bats
Specialties/Knowledge: bats, marsupials, and tree rats
Comments: We welcome any new research reports or requests for information

Australia, Queensland (Bargara).....

Queensland Australia Wildlife Carers and Volunteers Association, Inc./Wildlife Rescue at Bargara

Australia, Queensland (Logan City)..... 0419710594

Kerrie, volunteer/rescue/rehab, Wilvo/National Parks and Wildlife/Logan Koala Association
Wildlife Species: wallabies, kangaroos, possums, koalas, birds, lizards
Wildlife Species: kangaroos and wallabies

Australia, Queensland (Murgon)

Marie Newson, Cooloola Wildlife Carers, South Burnett Wildlife Group
Wildlife Species: kangaroos and wallabies (especially eastern greys)

Australia, Queensland, Northern region (Mackay)..... 49474002

Patricia Henrickson (assistant secretary), Wildlife Education and Rescue Service
Wildlife Species: all Australian wildlife
Comments: have 24 hotline

Australia, Queensland, Southeast region, Jimboomba..... 0438740595

Sue Kime, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: all Australian natives including kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, gliders,
possums, flyign foxes, and birds
Limitations: no snakes
Specialties/Knowledge: flying foxes and furless marsupials

Australia, Queensland (Toowoomba)..... 0746978207

Sharon Kajewski, V.P. and Mammal Coordinator, Wildcare, Wildlife Carers Darling Downs
Wildlife Species: Gliders, Koalas, Maccropods, Micro and Bats
Comments: mobile phone 0427978207 or leave message on answering machine

Australia, Queensland (Toowoomba)..... 0746979016

Patricia Leehong, Wildcare, Wildlife Carers Darling Downs
Wildlife Species: all mammals including Koala (unfurred young also)
Comments: mobile phone 0407028540

Australia, Queensland, (Townsville)..... 07-47788204

Renee McCarthy, North Queensland Wildlife Care Inc. (indiv. rehabber within)
Wildlife Species: Australian birds/North Qld. area
Comments: interest in koels/coucals

Australia, South Australia

Debbie, Wildlife Welfare Organization South Australia, Inc.
Wildlife Species: kangaroos, possums, birds, and some reptiles

Australia, South Australia (Adelaide)..... 08 82630563

Fauna Care and Release
Wildlife Species: ALL native Australian wildlife (amphibians, bats, birds,
marsupials, monotremes, and reptiles)

Australia, South Australia (Adelaide)..... 0882890896

Sue Westover (wildlife carer/editor/bat and wombat coordinator),
Fauna Rescue of South Australia Incorporated
Wildlife Species: native animals only
Limitations: no snakes

Australia, South Australia (Adelaide)..... 0882807571

Viv and Lorraine Turner, Native Australian Animal Rescue
Wildlife Species: Raising Kangaroo Joeys

Australia, South Australia, Yongala..... (08) 8651 4252

Johnm Deaves, Rootopia Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Species: kangaroos, euros, possums, wombats, and many species of birds
Comments: Sound knowledge of kangaroos including the handrearing of
premature joeys

Australia, Southwestern region, Lower King (Albany)..... 0428448594

Wendy Laurel (owner/sole carer), Acacia Lodge Joey Clinic
Wildlife Species: Kangaroo and Wallaby joeys and Cockatoos
Comments: If you find an injured or orphaned animal, please keep it warm, quiet and in a pouch
or pillowcase if it's a joey! Warm, quiet and in a box if it is a bird!

Australia, Sydney..... 2-9909-3204

Linda Wilson, Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services Inc.
Wildlife Species: Brushtail Possums, Ringtail Possums, Tawny Frogmouth,
Common Koel, Rainbow Lorikeet
Comments: I am a director of a Sydney based wildlife rescue and
rehabilitation group. We have over 200 members in Sydney including specialist
in all birds, mammals and reptiles commonly found in the Sydney area. Our
rescue office is manned 7 days a week and can be contacted on 02-9413-4300

Australia, Victoria..... 0500 540 000 (24 hour wildlife rescue)

Wildlife Care Network Inc.
(This number is for wildlife help for the state
of Victoria Australia only.)
Comments: The Wildlife Care Network maintains a comprehensive list of wildlife rescuers and
rehabilitators for the state of Victoria, Australia. The Wildlife Care Network provides training (seminars
and in collaboration with Victoria University runs a short course in Wildlife Husbandry and
Rehabilitation), supplies and reference books for the wildlife rehabilitator.

Australia, Victoria..... 0418 387 424

Michelle Manhal, Eaglehawk Wildlife Shelter
Wildlife Species: raptors/birds of prey and corvids
Comments: A Raptor/Bird of Prey needs to be in perfect physical condition to survive in the
wild. Without this the bird will slowly starve to death. I am a Raptor Keeper-Healesville Sanctuary,
Wildlife (rehabilitator) Shelter, assist in the research of Peregrine Falcons, Powerful Owls and the
affects RCD has had on our Raptor Population.

Australia, Victoria..... (052) 54 2484

Jirrahlinga Koala/Wildlife Sanctuary

Australia, Victoria (Barwon Heads)..... 03-52542484

Tehree Gordon, Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Species: Koalas (furless to furred), marine life rescue and rehab
Comments: Suggestions are best tailored to each individual
case, and we are happy to do this via phone or fax ( 61 - 3 5254 3380 )

Australia, Victoria, Central region, Victoria (Melbourne)..... 0417 380 687

Help for Wildlife
Comments: we are Victoria's largest specialized provider and a 24 hour state-wide
wildlife emergency service

Australia, Victoria (Moorooduc)..... 059 788 699

Australian Raptor Centre
Specialty: Rehab of Raptors using Falconry Techniques

Australia, Victoria, Southern region, Melbourne (Mornington Peninsula)..... 0415 158 545

Patti Johnson (foster carer), Heidelberg Wildlife Shelter
Wildlife Species: we accept all animals and birds

Australia, WA, Northwest region, Kimberley (Broome)..... (08) 9193 7489

Jan Martin (chairperson), Broome Wildlife Care and Rescue Inc.
Wildlife Species: all
Specialties: wallabies, kangaroos, possums, flying foxes, bats, tree rats, bilbies
Comments: available 24 hrs on 0408 860 022

Australia, Western region (Albany)..... 0428448594

Wendy (owner/volunteer), Acacia Lodge Joey Clinic
Wildlife Species: Kangaroo joeys and Cockatoos ONLY
Comments: I am a registered C.A.L.M. rehabilitator

Australia, Western region, Perth..... 08 9246 1776

Marra Apgar (Director), Perth Raptor Care
Wildlife Species: Raptors only
Specialty: Experienced in using free flight for raptor rehab


Canada, Alberta, Calgary..... 403-239-2488

Nicola Murphy (site manager), Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS)

Canada, Alberta, Cochrane..... 403-932-5632

Cochrane Ecological Institute- Cochrane Wildlife Reserve
Wildlife Species: swift fox, all canids, mustelids (badger, otter, etc.),
waterfowl, ungulates (moose, elk, deer)

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton..... 780-914-4118

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton

Canada, Alberta, Madden..... 403-946-2361

Dianne Rowell, Rockyview Wildlife Recovery

Canada, Alberta, Sherwood Park..... 780-922-3024

Karl Grantmyre, Strathcona Raptor Shelter

Canada, Alberta, Southern region, Rockyview municipal district (Madden/Calgary).....

Dianne Wittner (Director/Wildlife Biologist), Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation
Wildlife Species: all species native to Alberta/NWT (birds, mammals, reptiles)

Canada, Alberta, Spruce View..... 403-728-3467 (or 346-WILD)

Carol Kelly, Medicine River Wildlife Centre
Wildlife Species: all species
Specialty: Education, fundraising

Canada, British Columbia..... 250-337-2021

Mary Jane Birch (director), Wildlife Rehabilitators' Network of British Columbia
Wildlife Species: birds, raptors, mammals
Comments: education, library, bursary, directory, networking, resources
for BC wildlife professionals, workshops

Canada, British Columbia..... 604-794-7383 or cell 604-701-2706

Pam Briar, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: opossums, raccoons, squirrels

Canada, British Columbia (Burnaby)..... 604-526-7275

The Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia
Wildlife Species: native and migratory birds, but treat all smaller urban wildlife, both birds and mammals

Canada, British Columbia (Courtenay)..... 250-337-2021

Mary Jane (maj) Birch (Rehabilitator), Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society
Wildlife Species: rescue of all wild birds, some mammals and marine mammals
Comments: also do transport and networking

Canada, British Columbia (Delta)..... 604-946-3171

Bev Dav, (director) OWL (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Society
Wildlife Species: Only, but ALL birds of prey. Eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls
Specialties: 27 years Raptor experience
Comments: We will accept referrals particularly for pre-release flight training for large birds

Canada, British Columbia (Fort Nelson)..... 250-774-7669

Kelly McMillan, Northern C.A.R.E.S. Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
Wildlife Species: raptors

Canada, British Columbia (Gibsons)..... 604-886-4989

Clint and Irene Davy (operators), Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: small mammals only, all kinds of birds
Comments: experience in cleaning and rehabbing oilspill birds

Canada, British Columbia (Halfmoon Bay)..... 604-885-5997

Joanne Dickeson, Sunshine Coast Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Canada, British Columbia (Langley)..... 604-530-2064

Gail Martin (Founder/Executive Director), Critter Care Wildlife Society
Wildlife Species: specialize in raccoons, but take all of urban native mammal (only) species
SPECIALTIES and KNOWLEDGE: Raccoons, squirrels etc.

Canada, British Columbia (New Westminster)..... 604-540-2272

Roberta Sushnyk, management, HomeFinders Turtle Rescue Canada
Wildlife Species: turtles and small mammals

Canada, British Columbia, North Central region (Prince George)..... 250-963-3373

Rachel Morey (founder, owner, operator), Northern Wildlife Rescue
Wildlife Species: mammals and raptors only

Canada, British Columbia, Northwest region (Prince Rupert)..... 250-624-4143

Gunther and Nancy Golinia (owner/manager), Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab Shelter
Wildlife Species: all
Specialties/Knowledge: deer, eagles, songbirds, wildlife rescue

Canada, British Columbia (Prince George)..... 250-962-0015

Rachel Morey (treasurer, public relations, volunteer), Northern Raptor Preservation Society
Wildlife Species: small mammals and raptors

Canada, British Columbia (Prince Rupert)..... 250-624-4143

Nancy and Gunther Golinia Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab Shelter
Wildlife Species: all species (Eagles, owls, deer, heron, ducks, songbirds, etc.)
Specialty: raising deer fawns

Canada, British Columbia, Southwest region, British Columbia County (Abbotsford).....

Elizabeth Melick (Executive director/Founder), Elizabeth's Wildlife Center Society
Wildlife Species: all wild birds and small mammals e.g. cottontails, snowshoe hares,
squirrels, opossums

Canada, British Columbia, Southwest region, Sunshine Coast (Gibsons)..... 604-886-4989

Clint and Irene Davy (owner/operators), Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: small mammals, all species of birds
Limitations: no large mammals
Specialty: oil spills
Comments: have operated a wildlife rehabilitation centre for over 20 years

Canada, British Columbia, Southwest region (Surrey)..... 604-882-0908

Val Donovan (volunteer coordinator), Monika's Wildlife Shelter
Wildlife Species: all species of native wildlife
Specialties/Knowledge: raptors, swans, and deer
Comments: over 4,000 admissions anually

Canada, British Columbia, Southwest region, Vancouver..... 604-258-7325

Marine Mammal Rescue, Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre
Wildlife Species: marine mammals

Canada, British Columbia, Southwest region, Vancouver Island (Nanaimo)..... 250-616-8888

Lorinne Anderson (owner), Second Chance Wildlife Centre
Wildlife Species: raccoons, squirrels, cottontails, and other small mammals are kept on
site; all others are rescued, triaged, and transported to other facilities
Limitations: MUST be wildlife; do not currently accept large carnivores (bear, cougar, etc.)
Specialties/Knowledge: raccoons; dealing with "problem wildlife"

Canada, British Columbia, Southwest region, Victoria..... 250-478-9453

BC SPCA Wild ARC - Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: All small and medium sized birds and mammals

Canada, British Columbia, Tofino..... 250-725-3783

Rory Paterson, Rory's Refuge Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: seabirds

Canada, Manitoba, Glenlea..... 204-883-2122

Manitoba Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization

Canada, New Brunswick, Moncton..... 506-386-6091

Shirley Dingley, Moncton SPCA
Wildlife Species: birds only

Canada, New Brunswick, Riverview..... 506-386-7919

Amy McKay, Moncton SPCA
Wildlife Species: birds and small mammals only

Canada, New Brunswick, Sackville..... 506-364-1902

Pam Novak, Maritime Atlantic Wildlife
Wildlife Species: knowledge of all indigenous species

Canada, Nova Scotia, Colchester county (Hilden)..... 902 893-0253 or 902-883-9463

Helene Van Doninck, DMV, Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Canada, Nova Scotia..... 902-452-3339

Hope Swinimer (Director), Eastern Shore Wildlilfe Rehabilitaion Centre
Wildlife Species: all
Specialty: oiled bird rehabilitation

Canada, Nova Scotia, Eastern region, Kings County (Lakeville)..... 902-678-9750

Lisa Pothier (founder/director), Valley Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: all

Canada, Ontario..... 613-354-0264

Sue Meech, Napanee Humane Society
Specialty: raccoons and skunks, Registered Nurse

Canada, Ontario (Kingston)..... 613-547-2197

Sharon David, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: songbirds, waterfowl

Canada, Ontario, (Nanticoke)..... 905-776-5510

Debbie Dumelie Beacon (director), Beacon of Light Animal Rescue
Wildlife Species: Small mammals, raccoons, birds

Canada, Ontario (Napanee)..... 613-354-0264

Sue Meech, Napanee Humane Society
Wildlife Species: raccoons

Canada, Ontario (Ottawa)..... 613-828-2849

Kathy Nihei, Wild Bird Care Centre
Specialty: database of admission statistics

Canada, Ontario (Ottawa area)

Heather Morlan

Canada, Ontario (Rockwood).... 519-856-4510

Judi Drake (President), S.O.A.R. (Songbirds Only Avian Rehabilitation)
Wildlife Species: songbirds

Canada, Ontario (Sarnia)..... 519-344-3229

Joan Biggs, For the Birds Rehabilitation Services
Wildlife Species: songbirds

Canada, Ontario, Central region (Midland)..... 705-534-4350

Ontario SPCA Provincial Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: all
Specialties/Knowledge: Hotline (705-534-4350) with after-hours emergency service available.
Comments: Serves the entire province of Ontario through 25 Ontario SPCA.
Branches and over 30 affiliates, with a wildlife veterinarian on staff.
OMNR Authorized Wildlife Custodian; CWS permits. Extensive educational
information available on website.

Canada, Ontario, Southern region, Haldimand County (Nanticoke)..... 905-776-5510

Debbie Dumelie-Beacon (founder), Beacon of Light Wildlife Rescue
Wildlife Species: small mammals, birds, ungulates

Canada, Ontario, Southern region, Oxford County (Woodstock)..... 519-539-5968

Michelle Ramier (rehabber), Fur and Feathers Wildlife Rescue Center
Wildlife Species: small mammals

Canada, Ontario, Southeast region, Ottawa County (North Gower)..... 613-258-9480

Linda Laurus (permittee), Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Species: small mammals

Canada, Ontario, Southeast region, Waterloo Region (Kitchener-Waterloo)..... 519-745-4334

Angie Schoen (owner), TurtleHaven
Wildlife Species: Native turtles
Specialties/Knowledge: Working with injured turtles, offering medical treatment
and rehab.

Canada, Ontario (Sprucedale)..... 705-685-7830

Mike McIntosh, Bear With Us Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary for Bears
Wildlife Species:: Bears (rehabilitation of 77 cubs, translocation of 103 bears),
lectures and video-slide presentations on bear behavior; specializing in
behavioral needs of short and long term captive bears; bear conflict specialist;
translocation of nuisance bears

Canada, Ontario, Stittsville (near Ottawa)..... 613-831-7868 (home) or 613-722-6521 x6657 (work)

Selena Walker, Volunteer Wildlife Network (home-based rehab)
Wildlife Species: specializing in bats and other small mammals

Canada, Ontario, Southern region, Essex County (Amherstburg)..... 519-736-8172

Nancy Phillips (president), Wings Avian Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: accept all wildlife
Specialties: raptors, water birds and passerines
Comments: wildlife accepted from Southwestern Ontario, Canada - Windsor and Essex County area.

Canada, Ontario, Southern region (Toronto)..... 416-631-0662

Nathalie Karvonen (Executive Director), Toronto Wildlife Centre
Wildlife Species: Over 200 species have been treated at TWC
Specialties/Knowledge: Toronto Wildlife Centre's Wildlife Hotline (416-631-0662)
handles approximately 30,000 calls per year from members of the public with various
concerns about wildlife.
Comments: Toronto Wildlife Centre is a registered charity, and is one of the
largest wildlife rehabilitation centres in Canada with veterinarians on staff.

Canada, Ontario, Southwest region, Elgin County (St. Thomas)..... 519-868-1937

Carol Clarke (Authorized Wildlife Custodian), Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation
Wildlife Species: small animals
Specialties/Knowledge: education

Canada, Ontario (Utterson)..... 705-385-1488

Janice Enright, A Wing And A Prayer, Muskoka Centre for Wild Birds
Wildlife Species: loons and owls
Comments: active lecturer (NWRA symposiums) including
'Hand-raising and Naturalization of the Common Loon', ---Raptors---'Captive
Management', 'Restraint', 'Examination', 'Admission Procedures'; veterinary

Canada, Quebec (Montreal)..... 514-366-9965

André Malouf, Urban Animal Advocates, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
Action Pour Les Animaux Urbains, Centre de Sauvetage et de Réhabilitation de la faune
Wildlife Species: all birds, mammals (land and marine), and reptiles,
exotic placement and housing

Canada, Quebec (Montreal)..... 514-366-9965

Harriet Schleifer (Executive Director) and Andre Malouf
(Director of Research and Operations), L. McCann
Urban Animal Advocates Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre,
Action Pour Les Animaux Urbains, Centre de Sauvetage et de Réhabilitation de la faune
Wildlife Species: Rehabilitation of birds, mammals and reptiles; rescue programme for
marine mammals; wildlife education; placement of illegal exotics; wildlife conflict resolution

Canada, Quebec, Southwest region, Monteregie (Hudson)..... 450-458-2809

Josee Bonneville (president), Le Nichoir Bird Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: all wild bird species only

Canada, Quebec, Western region (Gatineau)..... 819-663-3563 / S.P.C.A. 819-243-2004

Karen Bégin (volunteer), S.P.C.A.
Wildlife Species: squirrels, chipmunks

Canada, Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw..... 306-692-8710

Heather Felskie, Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre
Wildlife Species: Burrowing Owls

Canada, Saskatchewan, (Regina)..... 306-569-7905

Holly Faubert, (founder), North American White-Tailed Hare
Wildlife Species: White-Tailed Hare (Jack Rabbitts)
Specialty/Knowledge: Yes, please view web site

Canada, Windsor..... 519-969-3919

Erie Wildlife Rescue, Inc.
875 Chappus
Windsor, Ontario
N9C 3S7

Canada, Yukon, Haines Jct (Kluane)..... 867-634-7080

Michelle Oakley, DVM, Yukon Wildlife Health Research
Comments: knowledge of Yukon wildlife health, molecular methods (PCR, karyotyping, electrophoresis)


China, Guandong, Southeast region (Shenzhen)..... cell phone# 001-86-1361-296-0983 (please e-mail first)

Kimberly Pan (director and CEO), Greenheron Avian Clinic and Bird Save of Pacific Asia or
Wildlife Species: Accepts all indigeonous songbirds, waders, softbills
(kingfishers incl), hornbills and other sea birds. Raptors on a case by case basis,
but can refer out. Sorry, our license restricts accepting domestic chickens & ducks.
Specialties/Knowledge: Avian care, Avian physical therapy, pediatric care,
forage/live fish practice, and building fledging flight skills.
Comments: greenheron Avian care clinic. Two MD and DVM on call 24hr.
in house Pharmacy, volunteer housing, classes, computer/net access.
Coming soon: Wound suture class (for Wildlife injury-check your local law to see
if it is permitted in your area) taught by a respected, area licensed Doctor of
internal medicine, small kit included/wound treatment and maintence/Non-toxic Bio
secure cleaning/physicaltherapy/ and of course, fledging & injured fish-eating birds


Denmark, Sønderborg..... +45 74420552

Klaus Dichmann, Projekt Slørugle Sønderjylland

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, Quepos..... 506-777-1004 (or 777-0535)

Dario Castelfranco, Jardin Gaia Official Wildlife Rescue Center
Wildlife Species: parrots and primates


Germany, Schleswig-Holstein..... +49 (0)4121 - 92520

Andreas Goitsch, Landesverband Eulenschutz in Scleswig-Holstein
Comments: Chairman of North German foundation to protect local owls


Greece, Athens (Aegina Island)..... 0297 28367 (center) or 0977231983 (home)

Philip Dragoumis (director), Hellenic Wildlife Hospital, International Nature Network
Wildlife Species: all species indigenous to Greece
Specialty: fractures and shot wounds
Comments: over 3,000 animals per year, mostly endangered Birds of Prey and water Birds


India, Bangalore, State of Karnataka..... 91-80-2278678/2212215

Suparna Baksi-Ganguly, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action [CUPA] -
Animal Welfare Organization Urban Rehabilitation Wildlife Wing [UR2W]
Wildlife Species: snakes (and other wild animals)

India, Tamil Nadu, Southern region, East Cost Road (Kanchipuram District)..... 91 44 24511458

Gouhar Azeez (Founder/Secretary), Bharathiya Prani Mithra Sangh
Wildlife Species: Birds, monkeys, rabbits, snakes
Specialties/Knowledge: rescue, rehabilitation, educating compassion to students,
teachers, police, and public, animal rights activist, fighting cruelty cases in the courts,
patrolling the markets for illegal sales of wild animals and birds, rescue and medical care
for begging elephants
Comments: We don't recieve any financial assistance from any government agencies
or from the public; if any funding is given our activities will be wider


Indonesia, Central, State of Cengkareng (Jakarta)..... +6281513117505

Femke den Haas (manager), Tegal Alur Wildlife Rescue Centre
Wildlife Species: All endangered wildlife species
Specialty/Knowledge: Birds of prey work with: Brahminy kite, White bellie sea eagle
Comments: We would like to exchange information on release programmes


Israel, Carmel, Northern region, Binyamina..... 057 727620

Bill Woodley (project manager), Society for Protection of Nature in Israel / Nature and Parks Authority
Specialty/Knowledge: raptors


Italy, Florence..... 0338-2839540

Dr. Simone Scoccianti, Centro Recupero Animali Selvatici della Maremma - WWF Toscana
Specialty: wild birds and mammals, veterinarian

Italy, MassaCarrara, Massa..... 0360234789

Tonlorenzi Gabriele, Associazione Italiana per il World Wildlife Fund
Specialty: I'm experienced about the rehab of falcons,owls and some mammals

Italy, Milano..... +39/2/39267064

Sezione provinciale di Milano

Italy, Milano..... 0039 02 58306583

Paola Verganti, chairperson, Lega per l'Abolizione della Caccia
Comments: experience fostering passerines and doves


Jamaica..... 876-973-4305

Wendy Lee, Seven Oaks Sanctuary
Wildlife Species: Amazon parrots


Lithuania, Kaunas..... +(37-07) 268178

Ben Noreikis, D.V.M., Lietuvos laukiniu gyvunu gelbejimo ir reabilitacijos centras
Comments: The Lithuanian Wildlife Rescue & Rehab Center is still in
its founding stages and as many such organizations NEEDS FINANCIAL AND


México, Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro..... (42) 34-03-30 / 17-18-12

Enrique Valverde, CERAPTOR
Specialty: veterinary medicine, falconry, reproduction and rehabilitation
of falcons

New Zealand

New Zealand, Northern region (Auckland)..... 09 570 4750 (or SPCA at 09 256 7300)

Pam Howlett (volunteer), Auckland SPCA BirdWing
Wildlife Species: birds
Comments: we have 4 centres in Auckland, each specializing in different species and
types of birds (sea birds, waterfowl, native baby birds, native hawks); some of our centres also
rehab other types of wildlife when need be


Portugal, Vila Real

Paulo Travassos, Núcleo de Estudo e Protecção do Ambiente (Environmental Study
and Protection Group), Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro University (UTAD) - Veterinary Medicine Student
Specialty: raptors, owls, and mammals; interest in wildlife veterinary medicine


Scotland..... 01505 502415

Andy and Gay Christie, trustee/manager, Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust
Wildlife Species: Scottish wildlife only


Slovakia, Banska Bystrica..... +421/905/470791

Michal Adamec (member), Birds of Prey and Owls Saving Club
Wildlife Species: raptors only

South Africa

South Africa, Cape Province, Thornhill..... +27 42 2860710

Percy Hickman (Director), African Dawn Bird and Animal Sanctuary
Wildlife Species: Injured and orphaned indiginous birds and wildlife.
SPECIALTIES and KNOWLEDGE: Specialising in birds, raptors, and African wild felines (eg.caracal)

South Africa, Gauteng, Northern region, Sandton, Paulshof..... +27118076993 or +27114655013

Hilary Millward (CEO), FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Species: indigenous wildlife including all birds, small mammals, and
reptiles, but NO venomous snakes
Specialties/Knowledge: birds, especially owls, jackals, hedgehogs, bushbabies,
meerkats, genets, duiker, small buck
Comments: emergency line open 24 hours a day

South Africa, Northern Province, Tzaneen..... 015 307 3535

Arthur Hunt, Vervet Monkey Foundation
Specialty: Vervet monkey rehabilitation, natural environment enrichment

South Africa, Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay..... 27 (0)44 53 48906

Lara Mostert (curator of primates), Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary
Wildlife Species: mainly primates, but also small to medium sized mammals and birds
Specialty: extensive experience rehabbing primates and small buck
Comments: fax 27 (0)44 534 8907


Sweden, Skanor..... +46-705-471700

Jan Hillarp, KFV Skane sydvast
Comments: permit for all species. Board member of the national KFV organisation.
(KFV=Katastrofhjalp Faglar och Vilt or translated Catastrophe Aid of Birds and Mammals)

United Kingdom

U.K., Berwick upon Tweed..... 01289 392882

D G Rollo (Veterinarian), Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust
Wildlife Species: Mute Swans

U.K., England, Buckinghamshire..... 01844 292292

Les Stocker, St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Trust
Wildlife Species: all species of British Wildlife, particularly European Hedgehogs

U.K., England, Devon..... 01752 770975

Jean Linton, unit manager, The Prickles Unit Hedgehog Hospital
Wildlife Species: hedgehogs only

U.K., England, Gloucestershire, Nr Tewksbury, Beckford..... 01386 882288

Caroline Gould, Vale Wildlife Rescue
Wildlife Species: All species of British wildlife

U.K., England, Lancashire, Blackburn..... 01254 693735

Helen Adsett, Wild-Life-Line

U.K., England, Lincolnshire, Lincoln..... 01522 530428

David and Ally Townsend, Weirfield Wildlife Hospital
Wildlife Species: all forms of British wildlife

U.K., England, London, Wallington Surrey..... 020 8647 6230

London Wildcare
Wildlife Species: British Wild mammals, waterfowl, and birds such as
sparrowhawks, and owls, and bats
Comments: fax 020 8773 0632

U.K., England, Norfolk, East Anglia, Hopton On Sea..... 01502 730980

Martin Peel, Hopton Wildlife Hospital
Specialty: orphan rearing

U.K., England, Norfolk, Diss..... (01379) 898875

John Finnis, The Raptor Trust
Specialty: Care and rehabilitation of birds of prey

U.K., England, North Yorkshire, Norton/Malton..... 01653.695124

David Dunne and Jean Thorpe, Ryedale Rehabilitation
Wildlife Species: Birds of prey,badgers,foxes,deer

U.K., England, Yorkshire, Sheffield..... 01142557824

Anthea and David Midgley, manager, Voluntary Rescue Centre for Birds and Wildlife
Wildlife Species: all birds and other wildlife

U.K., Wales, Conwy, Colwyn Bay..... 01492 532938

Peter Dickinson, Zoological Society of Wales, Welsh Mountain Zoo or
Specialty: rearing and rehabbing of grey and common seal pups, red squirrels

U.K., West Central region, Wiltshire (Lyneham)..... 07903 645643

Jacqui lloyd (rehabber), Wiltshire Wildlife Rescue/National Fox Welfare/Wiltshire Badger Group
Wildlife Species: all

NOTE: If you still are not finding a rehabber in your area, try checking on the following site:

OUTDOORS 411: Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers in the US