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Some information about the public company Nanopierce and its CEO Paul Metzinger

New. Forbes advisors to stay away from Nanopierce! 

New news! Nanopierce stock promoter sued by the SEC personally for fraudulent and misleading claims and projections. She was paid in CASH which was not reported in company SEC documents. 

May 1, 2002 she settles with the SEC.

1. The CEO was sued for fraud by the SEC three times. (see below for lawsuit dockets). He "consented to issuance of permanent injunction and entry of judgment against Metzinger."  Look at all the charges against him 

Here is the judgment. He showed the SEC that he was penniless then agreed to rat out his companies and associates in exchange for the injunction and judgment. If he breaks the settlement agreement, he consents to be tried as a criminal in criminal court. Here are the documents. They are jpg scans of the documents. The documents were not available online. I had to pay $10 a page to get them from the Colorado archive. I scanned them because stock promoter Kathy Knight rewrote them for investors and she edited them. This shows the original.

2. The CEO was also sued for racketeering and was involved in a lawsuit over missing stock certificates. See dockets below.

3.The CEO's last company had to reorganize, i.e. Intercell. Other companies he was involved in went bankrupt also such as Faspaq. He also went bankrupt personally in 1989. A division of Intercell also went bankrupt. None of his businesses have been a success.

4. NPCT was started as a mining company then became a distributor of skylights symbol SUNY which is a shell Metzinger's wife owned and now they sell hitech? The assets of npct i.e. patents and patent applications were bought with printed shares from a division of Intercell. Intercell considered their value ZERO. CEO Paul Metzinger is also the CEO of Intercell. symbol IICP.OB 

5. No direct revenue, no profits. They had a tiny tiny bit of income for consulting about something which had nothing to do with the company. 

6. They have hired many, many stock promoters. One of them posted on the message boards that toxic funding is good and the funder was a good company when that was not the case. The company is currently suing the funder for stock manipulation and securities fraud. The funder Southridge Financial, Kernaghan are infamous as corporate loan sharks who short stocks. More information on them here 

7. They have an Open House every year which is basically just a stock promotion meeting. Here is a photo from it. They promote it heavily in Asia, Germany and the US yet they only had 35 people and I see at least five stock promoters in the audience. If this were a revolutionary product, how come more people weren't there?

8. Most of the DD on this company is paid promotion such as , (Kathy Knight, Kent Klook), Investor Relations Worldwide Corporation (owned by a Colorado company) , (Hal Engel) , ,, is company site,, Charles Van Musscher of Gruenwald, Germany, The Geneva Group, Inc. of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and probably others. Check out their disclaimers on their sites. They have been paid to promote NPCT. Check out annual SEC reports and search/find for Investor Relations and you will see their names and compensation. Here are just a few from the SEC documents which you can recognize from the message boards especially Hal Engle, Kathy Knight and Chad Beemer who do not post anonymously. 

8a. Kathy Knight is the main stock promoter. She sends "press releases" to various free press release agencies. She begs sites to write positive articles about the company. She posts all over the internet. She made the following post on Raging Bull. 

By: Kknightmcc $$$$$
18 Oct 2001, 10:44 PM EDT
Msg. 53428 of 75582
(This msg. is a reply to 53416 by veritaspateomaximus.)

You obviously have been talking to our board terrorist and falling into her trap of personally attacking me. I am not fat and do not eat twinkies. I have lost a great deal of weight since the photo Mary talks about was taken after having gained from a heart attack which stopped me from exercising. She uses that ploy to disparage me. So it is obvious that you are a part of her terrorist organization, or your posts on the NSCT board asking if people know her and saying what a great person you think she and directing them to her comments on this board are pointed at swaying people to believe your comments instead of seeing the truth for what it is. As to your comments about me, go to blazes because that is the path your are treading on.

Here is a photo of her. 
Looks like someone is a big fat liar. If she could lie about not being fat with photos of herself on the web like this, she can obviously lie about anything.

8b. The most recent stock promotion by General Research GmbH is paid promotion. Notice in the disclaimer that they state that no one in the US, Canada... should read the report yet the company has the report in their US website and they are sharing it with US investors. This same promoter Dr. Georg Hochwimmer also promoted scam company GENI and HRCT. GENI was halted by the SEC. Notice in the actual promotion they keep stating IF the product is more than just a prototype, IF it can be mass produced, IF people want to buy it, IF it is not obsolete by the time they build it... The report also states they have funds for a year when as per SEC docs, cash on hand, burn rate, they have funds to last til the end of June, which is five months from today 1/02.

8c. The most recent recent stock promotion 2/20/02 is also paid promotion by Schneider Securities. Their report was posted on the board by WillyWizard and Kent Kloock without the disclaimer which is an SEC violation. I called NPCT IR and Schneider Securities and they refused to call me back or give me their disclaimer. They also stated that NPCT is a nasdaq stock when it is otcbb and they stated they had $1.8M cash as of 2/20/02 when they had that amount of cash as of 12/31/01. As per current burn rate and COH as of 12/31/02, they should be out of funds middle of May. As expenses are up, they may be out of funds earlier IF they do not get new financing or take the existing toxic funding from Southridge. 

7/1/98 . Common Stock 186,500 Investor Relations Putter Consulting
7/1/98 Common Stock 24,500 Investor Relations Kathy Knight- McConnell
7/1/98 Common Stock 6,250 Investor Relations Hans Kast
7/1/98 Common Stock 6,250 Investor Relations Roger L. Smothers
6/3/99 Common Stock 100,000 Investor Relations Harold Engel, Jr.
6/30/99 Common Stock 144,000 Investor Relations Stock Enterprises
6/30/99 Common Stock 250,000 Consulting Services Bert Roosen
6/30/99 Common Stock 30,000 Investors Relations Chad Beemer
6/30/99 Common Stock 10,000 Interest on Rose & Richard Gram

9. Paul Metzinger is also CEO of Intercell. They did a 1:20 reverse stock split and their stock was at .14 That means it is really worth less than a cent. He changed the stock symbol also. He wasn't even in any type of business. His words again "I am currently assessing with the Board of Directors various business opportunities, which could well form the basis for the future business activity of the Company. There are several opportunities which we find of particular interest and which are in markets of substantial size upon which to build a real operating company. We have no specific restrictions imposed upon our search. I invite any shareholder who may be aware of a technology or a business opportunity, which they think may be of interest to the Company, to please contact me." 

10. Intercell also had problems with the SEC with their reports. They had to restate them. This straight from the CEO. "Our previously announced plan to restructure, recapitialize and refinance Intercell Corporation was, unfortunately, delayed because of a frustratingly long effort to accommodate the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission on certain technical accounting issues relating to the audited financial statements for the fiscal year ended September 30, 1999."

11. The CEO begs shareholders not to verify contracts with other companies. This is very troubling and suspect. 

"We are currently engaged in extremely sensitive discussions with many major global players in the microelectronics industry. These discussions and future business relationships can and will be jeopardized if shareholders make direct contacts with any of these companies in what may be a well intentioned effort to find out what is going on. 

Recently executives of one company, at the highest levels, contacted us expressing extreme and troubling concern about calls received from inquisitive shareholders. These executives felt "compromised” being faced with answering questions about what they deemed to be inside material information, which obviously they could not disclose or even affirm or deny. These contacts must stop otherwise we may lose the opportunity to ever again deal with these companies. It destroys our reputation to be a trustworthy partner." 

Then shareholders check out contracts as per SEC recommendation. Boeing said "Nanopierce who?" and Infineon clearly stated they are not doing business with Nanopierce. Others said no comment or did not respond at all.

Also, if you say you are in a related company and ask for a sample to try out, test, they say NO. What does that tell you?

Paul then states 10/2001 through his promoter Kathy that he will no longer be providing information to shareholders because of message board posters trying to verify his information. I personally believe he received a cease and desist letter from Boeing as Boeing told me they were going to find out what was up with Nanopierce. 

12. NPCT stock promoter Stockreporter sued by the SEC for fraud in his promotions. Here is the SEC lawsuit against the Stockreporter. 

13. Here Metzinger claims there are huge oil reserves for a company when there weren't. 

14. Here are some investors burned by Paul posting on Silicon Investors about him and his scams. and yet another burned Intercell Investor, same scam over and over again. 

15. A recent unbiased article about NPCT. This is the only honest article ever written about the company I believe. He did some good DD.

16. James Stock is Investor Relations for NPCT. He also has a history.

He hyped AREE, a total stock scam that noted tout jmhollen also hyped. It's trading at .001. He's Investor Relations for AREE also.

He's also IR, or should we just say penny stock promoter for HYPD
HYPD today at .60

and he's IR for this loser also at .03
CRWJ .03

He's IR here also
USXP .03

and here
LBTI .0004

and here
PFCK .0001

He's no investor relations, he's a penny stock promoter who only seems to promote penny penny stocks. Would a respectable honest company hire an investor relations person with a past like this?  

17. Metzinger rips off his business partners as well.

Paul shouldn't have a law license. 

Paul doesn't keep promises to his partners. 

Louis wins his appeal 

Article about Paul and Louis 

Here are lawsuit dockets

105 METZINGER, PAUL codc 1:1989cv00227 02/08/1989 850 02/23/1989 

U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado (Denver) 


Kanchanapoom, et al v. Zufelt, et al 

Filed: 01/14/91 
Assigned to: Judge Sherman G. Finesilver 
Jury demand: Both 
Demand: $5,000,000 
Nature of Suit: 850 
Lead Docket: None 
Jurisdiction: Federal Question 
Dkt # in USDC C Dist CA : is CV89-7321-RMT (Ex) 
Cause: 18:1961 Racketeering (RICO) Act 

PAUL METZINGER Paul H. Metzinger
defendant [COR LD NTC]
Paul H. Metzinger, P.C.
600 - 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202
PAUL METZINGER, P.C. Paul H. Metzinger
defendant (See above)

2/5/91 9 ATTORNEY APPEARANCE for defendant Richard Metzinger,
defendant Robert H. Burgener, defendant E.M.I. Inc.,
defendant Crown, Ltd., defendant King, Ltd., defendant Sid,
Ltd. by Timothy James O'Connor, Mary Frances O'Connor (yk)
[Entry date 02/06/91]

It is ordered that the
second cause of action is dismissd as to Paul H. Metzinger
and Paul H. Metzinger, P.C. and First Trust Corp. It is
ordered tht the 8th and 12th causes of action are

U.S. District Court

U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado (Denver) 


Maxam Gold Corp v. Timberline Conslts, et al 

Filed: 06/03/96 
Assigned to: Judge Clarence A. Brimmer 
Jury demand: Defendant 
Demand: $1,667,000 
Nature of Suit: 190 
Lead Docket: None 
Jurisdiction: Diversity 
Dkt# in other court: None 
Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Other Contract 

fka [COR LD NTC]
Maxam International Waldbaum, Corn, Koff, Berger &
Corporation Cohen, P.C.
plaintiff 303 East 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
Raymond Harris
(To be updated)
Cary Ira Schachter
Conant, Whittenburg, French &
Schachter, PC
600 North Pearl Street
Dallas, TX 75201
FTS 999-5747
defendant [COR LD NTC]
John H. Schlie, Atty at Law
1120 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80203
RON KNITTLE John Henry Schlie
defendant (See above)
PAUL METZINGER John Henry Schlie
defendant [term 10/09/96] 
[term 12/23/96] (See above)

He was sued over stock certificates.
U.S. District Court

District of Utah (Central) 


SEC v. Faspaq, Inc., et al 

Filed: 09/30/88 
Assigned to: Judge Bruce S. Jenkins 
Jury demand: Defendant 
Demand: $0,000 
Nature of Suit: 850 
Lead Docket: None 
Jurisdiction: US Plaintiff 
Dkt# in other court: None 
Cause: 15:77 Securities Fraud 

[term 01/30/89]
The SEC won the case against the main defendant. Paul settled this case along with two others in the settlement agreement noted above. 

Check out NPCT thread on  especially the old posts. Look at all the promoters on the IHUB one also 
Look at all the promoters here on Raging Bull. 

I have no shares. I have not been paid to post. I am not short. I just hate seeing people being fleeced by stock promoters. This company seems very suspect to me because of management's history and the fact they have no real income. If their patents were so hot, why wouldn't someone buy them or license them for millions? Why couldn't they have gotten a loan against the patents instead of the toxic funding? Why would they have sooo many stock promoters? When you see stock promoters saying this is a $60 stock when they're at .66 cents, you just KNOW something is funny here. As per Asensio's book "Sold Short" this company has almost ALL the signs of a stock scam, i.e. little or no revenue, a hot hot field, management with a bad past, restated earnings, change in auditors, lots of stock promoters, a hard to define product, lots of fluffy press releases, a past involving a mining company...

Sources of information 

All legal information about lawsuits came from here. It's a pay site so you need an account, only 7 cents a page. Well worth it to do your DD on your investments.

All SEC information came from their SEC filings. I use this source 

If you have questions, feel free to email me.